Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)
McGill University, Canada
Thesis: Seismic retrofit of existing steel tall buildings with supplemental damping devices
Supervisor: Dr. Dimitrios G. Lignos

Master of Science in Earthquake Engineering   
MEEES (Masters in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology)
Rose School, Institute for Advanced Study, University of Pavia, Italy
University of Patras, Greece
University of Grenoble Joseph Fourier, France
Thesis: Direct displacement-based design of concentrically braced steel frames
Supervisors: Dr. Timothy J. Sullivan, Dr. Roberto Nascimbene

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, GPA:3.96/4.00 (1st rank)
Graduation Project: Design and detailing of an industrial steel structure
Supervisors: Dr. Barlas O. Caglayan, Dr. Filiz Piroglu

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